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Posted on 04/12/2016

PBSA Newsletter v December 2016

Greetings Everyone, from Peninsula Baseball and Softball Association!

I'm Burke Stancill, and I was elected to be President of the club at our last AGM, a couple weeks ago. I've been coaching at PBSA for the last six years, and have had the privilege of serving on the Board for the last year.

I know that for most people, baseball and softball are the last things on our minds this time of year, but I did just want to send out a quick note with some news from PBSA.

First, I'd like to thank Eric Van Rooyen for his service as President of our club for the last four years. His energy and enthusiasm in this role will truly be missed, and it is my first goal in my time as president to try to continue with the spirit he has helped set for this organization. Outgoing Secretary Kerri Tuggle and our other outgoing directors have been a huge help, as well. Thank you.

I'm also super happy to let you know that Eric will continue to serve on our Board of Directors as a Director at Large, and he will be handling the huge job of Equipment Manager for the club (as outgoing Equipment Guy, Dave Berg, can tell you, Eric will be working hard there).

In related news, I want to welcome Gene Pender and Todd Hummel to the Board. I look forward to working with them and the rest of the Directors in the coming season. Both bring great experience, perspective and brains to the job.

We are still looking for someone to help out as Secretary.
This shouldn't be a massive time commitment -- the main job is keeping minutes of our directors' meetings and helping with some organizational jobs around Opening Day. If you would like to be a part of our organization and you have the ability to help out, I'd be very grateful to hear from you. I promise not to work you too hard!

Also in the "Needs" Category: Softball People
! Our softball program is strong at PBSA, especially in our younger divisions. This strong "root system," these many enthusiastic young players, bode well for the future of our softball program. We could definitely use some help with coaches, division managers, player agents and parent volunteers. Enthusiasm is the only prerequisite. We plan to make coach clinics happen for our new coaches, so that "I don't know what I'm doing" feeling won't last long!

I invite you to participate. The time commitment is modest, and the satisfaction of watching your kids playing ball in our park is that much sweeter when you know you've helped put the program together. It really is.

We are busy these days setting up plans for Winter Clinics, Opening Day (April 15! Save it!), and getting things lined out for the coming season. Our efforts to continue to improve the park are ongoing -- some cool upgrades to the batting cage are the latest example, but our park is in such great shape! I always get a great feeling just looking around the place.

I'm committed to being responsive to your suggestions and insights. If there's anything you think needs tweaking, or if you have particular suggestions for making things better, please reach out to me here.

See the ball, hit the ball,

Burke Stancill
President, PBSA

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