PBSA Club History

The Peninsula Baseball Softball Association has a long standing history on the Peninsula. The club endured many name changes over the years, but was originally known as Sidney Little League. Ball was played in Sidney adjacent to the Mary Winspear Centre where a community skateboard park now makes its home.

In the early 90's the ball executive and local politicians led by Ted Daly negotiated with the Victoria Airport Authority and the District of North Saanich to acquire some land known as Rotary Park - Field of Dreams. With the blessing of Pendray Farms the footprint was turned over and a mountain of volunteers and private donors provided labour and money to build the facility. Sidney Little League opened play in the mid 90's at this new location. We are blessed to have such a facility and a real community partnership is in place with the park located on Victoria Airport Authority lands in the District of North Saanich maintained under a joint Municipal agreement with the Town of Sidney Parks department providing the manpower.

In 2005, the Executive saw brighter opportunities for our membership by switching our affiliations to BC Minor Baseball and Softball BC. This warranted another name change to the Sidney, North Saanich Baseball and Softball Association (try fitting that on a hat!). One year later we merged with what was called the Peninsula Baseball Association which is where our baseball players historically graduated to. This warranted our final name change to the Peninsula Baseball and Softball Association.

In making the change to our baseball program our playing fields no longer met the specifications set out by BC Minor. In 2007, PBSA approached the Victoria Airport Authority for an expanded footprint, and again with the cooperation of Pendray Farms, we attained some additional much needed real estate to lengthen the outfield on three baseball fields.

Rotary Park - Field of Dreams has played host to two Provincial championships in recent years to the delight of visiting teams from around BC. We hosted the Mosquito AAA 10 year old championships in both 2007 and again in 2010. In addition, we play host to spring season tournaments annually in both our baseball and softball programs.

This brings us up to date. Our current membership nears 400 every year and we are very pleased to be able to offer the ball playing opportunities we do to the citizens of the Saanich Peninsula.

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