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PBSA is very proud to have been offering the Rally Cap program since 2007 for our Kindergarten and Grade 1 members. We made this move due to the unproductive nature that is T-Ball. We found our membership to be bored and many didn't return the following year as a result. This has changed significantly under the Rally Cap program and our member retention is way up as a result.

The two-year Rally Cap program focuses on skill development. We send three teams to the field for every session. One team takes a turn at bat using coach pitch or in some cases a tee. One team plays defensively in the field and the third team is out in centerfield completing that session's skill development task. The three teams rotate through each station once. They then complete the all-important Dragon Race to end the session. This is all done in less than 90 minutes with no opportunity of boredom setting in. We have found that our members are very anxious to return to the park for another session.

Half way through the season and again at the conclusion of the season we hold Rally Cap days. At these two sessions all players are tested in five disciplines. These disciplines are catching, throwing, hitting, base-running and knowledge of the game. The overall average score of the player dictates what colour of Rally Cap they are awarded. Players are essentially given four tests in their two-year Rally Cap 'career' to see how high they can achieve. They leave the program with a very good base of skill and understanding of the game (as well as a lot of hats) and are very ready to move on up to the next level.

Rally Cap baseball plays on a diamond with 60' base paths.

For more information on our Rally Cap baseball program please contact our Vice President of Junior Baseball at vp-jrbb@pbsa.ca.
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